Psychic Treasures Unlimited

2016 Gallery

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November 2

Meditation and Group Reading, Hamilton, NJ
Photos taken by Photography by Signature Designs




March 12

Colonial Williamsburg, VA
Celebrating our Psychic Medium's birthday weekend touring Colonial Williamsburg you can't even believe the experiences we had while visiting.
Photos taken by Photography by Signature Designs

Governor's Palace

Spirits visible in this photo taken in the window of Peyton Randolph house while we were on a tour. This house is one of the most haunted locations in Williamsburg.

George Wythe house

Capitol Building

Peyton Randolph house

The Ambler House was built in the 1750s as a centerpiece of a plantation estate. A refined Georgian-style home it was comparable to the elegant George Wythe House in Williamsburg. The house was burned in two wars, and after a third fire in 1895 was abandoned.

Remembering those who passed at historic Jamestown, VA

The College of William and Mary

Bruton Parish Church where Thomas Jefferson and George Washington attended church.


We saw this as a shadow figure in George Wythe house. Shadow or spirit?

Captain John Smith Governor of VA 1608

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