Psychic Treasures Unlimited Gallery
Taken by Photography by Signature Designs

Welcome to our gallery where we showcase:

  • Places we’ve visited
  • Paranormal sound clips we’ve captured
  • Predictions from our Psychic Medium
  • Astrological tips and information
  • And much more…

Make sure you check back often to see where our journey takes us to meet new people, create memories and discover new things to share with you.

Our gallery is built on memories of this year, as well as years passed:


We took Psychic Treasures Unlimited on the road and visited Colonial Williamsburg, VA where it was full of history, old Spirits and lots of energy. We came back with quite a few impactful stories and lots of pictures.


As we explored more in the area of the paranormal and expanding our services to include Paranormal Investigations and House Cleansings, we were able to capture more sound bytes (EVPs) for our second year in a row at Allentown’s Witches Night Out.


Was filled with a lot of exciting events, one of our favorites are the paranormal sound bytes (EVPs) that were captured when we were preparing for the Allentown’s Witches Night Out.

Healing of the Mind, Body & Soul