At studio with Rob listening to Meditation CD before it goes for final production: October 31

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Witches Night Out in Allentown, NJ: October 23

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Allentown trio prepare for the unknown on Witches Night Out: October 2

Check out an article on NJ.com of Psychic Treasures Unlimited preparing for Witches Night out in Allentown, NJ


Pop Warner Fundraiser Event: August 20

Pop Warner Fundraiser char_bern_092014

Meditation - Psychic Treasures Unlimited

Psychic Medium - Psychic Treasures Unlimited

Frenchtown, NJ: August 10
Wandering around this quaint little town we found it to be very scenic and filled with spirits.

Allentown, NJ: July 18Visiting the historic library built in 1879, which began as a church wasn’t the library it is today until 1994. Lots of spirit activity found here and in other local shops.


EVP Sound Clips from various locations in Historic Allentown, NJ


“Slave Freedom”


“Hi There”


In studio with Rob, Recording Meditation CD: July 17

Rob Attinello, Owner of Oakwood
Cindy recording Meditation CD

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