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Paranormal investigations

Paranormal Investigations

Our paranormal investigations are quite unique, as we combine traditional paranormal investigative equipment methods with our Psychic Medium’s unique personal impressions.

While there are no guarantees, they often correspond in undeniable ways and reveal many interesting things about the history of the residence or place of business, along with what spirit activity is present.

Purpose of an Investigation

Help you to understand why certain occurrences are present.  This can help you to understand the activity you are experiencing and to put your mind at ease.

What You Should Know

All investigations are different and each of our investigators do things a little differently.

What to Expect Before An Investigation

One or more of our team members may ask you questions in person or over the phone about the following:

  • The history of the location
  • What is happening at the location
  • The experiences  of those who are involved

Types of Equipment Used

All of our investigators have their own equipment and could vary.  The most common equipment used during the investigations are:

  • EVP recorders
  • EMF meters
  • Night vision cameras
  • Temperature gauges

Day of Investigation

Prior to our arrival we kindly ask you to have all of your pets put away until we have left.

When we arrive, introductions with our team members and a brief show-and-tell of equipment should be expected.

Once we start our investigation you can expect:

  • To remain quiet and not interrupt or ask questions during the investigation to any of our team members until we are finished recording and taking notes
  • We will walk around various rooms inside and possibly outside with our recorders and other investigative equipment gathering information and various evidence

After the Investigation

After the investigation is complete, our team members will go home to analyze the evidence gathered and review the audio recordings.

If anything is discovered, you can expect to receive some or all of the following, depending on the investigative tools that were used:

  • Photos
  • Sound clips
  • Video
  • Written reports

What Not to Expect

We are not responsible for removing spirit entities from the location involved.

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