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I truly believe that if your head is not where your heart is, then you will never feel complete. Your heart is always in the driver’s seat.

For as long as I can remember, I have had the extraordinary gift that allows me to communicate with people who have “crossed over.”  I am genuinely an open portal to connect to your loved ones who have passed. I have the full ability to see, hear, feel and communicate with them. In addition, I have the capability to provide a dialogue to answer questions that you may have for your family or friends on “the other side.” Through me, your loved ones come through to communicate with you because love never dies, no matter which side you are on. I provide validation and astounding details.

My guides also give me the ability to predict your future path and to help provide valuable insight regarding choices that you may be faced with on this journey called life.

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I have been remiss in not writing to thank you. I have been a trauma therapist for more than 30 years – and my George was an amazing therapist and palliative care social worker – he literally worked with hundreds, probably thousands of dying people.

Not only did you connect me with George and others, but you did it with great skill.

You communicated clearly with me about the process, you told me what to expect, and also detailed how I could set limits. Your professionalism is amazing.

The hour I spent with you was the most helpful hour I have experienced in the 6 months since George died. I think you also instilled hope for me. It is still a day to day or hour to hour way of life, but I catch glimpses of hope – and some amazing birds…

With much gratitude,

Choosing a Psychic Medium is not an easy feat. Whether reading advertisements in magazines, on-line, tv, etc., how do you really know who is good? There are many people out there who say they have these abilities, but how would you really know? I have had many readings but never wrote a testimonial, because I have never felt as strong about the experiences as I have had with Joann.

I met Joann after a friend had a reading with her. After her reading with Joann she called and said you must have a session with her. I thought ok, but was not expecting anything great.

From the minute I walked in and sat down, Joann was spot on. There was no mistaking that my father was present and relaying messages through her. Her voice did not change but her words were exactly as my Dad would have been talking to me if he were there in the flesh. She pinpointed things happening, even describing people in detail. She talked about things that only my Dad and I know. Never meeting me before I knew she was real. Over the past years she pinpointed relationship issues and what was happening to me and others, it happened.

Having been read before, I was amazed at how great Joann was. I cannot thank her enough for channeling information from my departed loved ones and for her information she received from her guides, to help give clarity to me. Joann truly has a very special gift and I am grateful to have met her, as she truly helped heal my soul when I needed it most!

I have always believed that “angels” are around us and that there is a spiritual presence after death. I heard through friends about Joann. I had never gone to a Psychic Medium before. I was anxious to talk with her to see if my Dad would come thru and validate my feeling that he is around me. The experience with Joann was far more than I expected. She told me things no one knew but me and my family. It was such a blessing to know that my Dad is still a significant part of my life and knows what’s going on with his family, even if he is not physically with us. Joann has a very special gift, a gift she shares with many and I am thankful I had the opportunity to experience it. I was able to communicate with my loved ones and receive some insight regarding questions I needed answers to.

I do not live in the same state as Joann but I love the fact that I can communicate with her through a phone call or Skype via computer.  Can’t wait for your next return to Florida!

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Our services are for people to gain insight into their future. Everyone, however, has the power of free will. For entertainment purposes only.