Psychic Treasures Unlimited

Our Story

Psychic Medium Meditation Manifestation Instructor Reiki II Practitioner

Psychic Treasures Unlimited is a group of three women who together work toward one common goal. "Healing of the Mind, Body & Soul."

Before the three of us came together with this common goal we were all very fortunate to have met a critically acclaimed Psychic Advisor. This very important Guru mentored each of us in her own unique way. We each grew enormously with her guidance and for this we will be forever grateful to her.

It was not long after we all came together that the name Psychic Treasures Unlimited was born. Psychic Treasures Unlimited is made up of an incredibly talented Psychic Medium, a Meditation/Manifestation Instructor and Reiki II Practitioner. We all have healing and intuitive clairvoyant abilities. Combined with all of our individual talents we have been able to offer you many types of services.

As we turn pages, creating new chapters in our lives, we know and accept that there are changes ahead. These changes allow us to continually expand our services and offer events, workshops and discussions that help you in “Healing of the Mind, Body & Soul.”


These three women make up a triumvirate of gifted psychics and empaths, offering not only their impressions to clients, but people who genuinely care about those who have passed on and leave messages for those of us who are still alive. The Psychic Medium's gift is so laser sharp that she provided many of the missing pieces of a historical and geneological maze for Ezekiel’s March, she correctly defined many historical figures and connections that made sense of a 240 year old mystery. With truth as her guiding force, she leads clients to correctly help assess and merge the present with the past and future. Her intimacy with the spirit world is hauntingly beautiful and dynamic, and one cannot find a person with greater validity. She is...the REAL deal.