Psychic Treasures Unlimited

Who We Are

Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium, Channeler

“I truly believe that if your head is not where your heart is, then you will never feel complete. Your heart is always in the driver’s seat.”

For as long as I can remember, I have had the extraordinary gift that allows me to communicate with people who have “crossed over.” I am genuinely an open portal to connect to your loved ones who have passed. I have the full ability to see, hear, feel and communicate with them. In addition, I have the capability to provide a dialogue to answer questions that you may have for your family or friends on “the other side.” Through me, your loved ones come through to communicate with you because love never dies, no matter which side you are on. I provide validation and astounding details.

My Spirit Guides also give me the ability to predict your future path and to help provide valuable insight regarding choices that you may be faced with on this journey called life.

Meditation Manifestation Instructor

Meditation, Manifestation & EFT Instructor

“Never underestimate the power of your mind. Positive thoughts garner positive results.”

Since childhood, I have had unique clairvoyant abilities. I have always been able to sense, feel and been sensitive to spirit energy. As I have grown throughout my journey, I have had many different premonitions that have come to pass. I have been told that I have a naturally soothing presence and positive attitude, which is why I chose to become a certified Meditation, Manifestation and Emotional Freedom Technique Instructor. I enjoy learning and gaining knowledge to share with others, which is why I am excited to deliver new and full moon videos on our YouTube channel to share astrology updates with you.

Reiki II Practitioner

Reiki II Practitioner

“Everything happens for a reason.”

I have spent my entire life growing up in a very spiritual world where being in-tune with the universe and following your “gut” was a constant and the paranormal was the normal. This was because my beloved mother was a tarot card reader, palm reader, psychic medium and clairvoyant.

Her beliefs were instilled in me and are now a part of my chemical make up. It is because of my background that I found myself on the path of being a Reiki II Practitioner in order to help others through Reiki energy to promote self healing, which can also include distant healing.

We Three Gifted Women

We Three Gifted Women came together to form Psychic Treasures Unlimited, each bringing our own unique gifts. Our Psychic Medium, Channel, Author brings her incredible talents and abilities, along with her empathic manner and wisdom. Our Meditation, Manifestation Instructor, Author brings her knowledge, using positive thoughts, patience, and soothing ways. Our Reiki II Practitioner, Author also brings her knowledge and astounding healing abilities. The three of us all have healing and clairvoyant abilities that combined enable us to offer you many types of services to fulfill your needs.

As we turn pages, creating new chapters in our lives, we continually expand our services, offer new classes and upcoming events. See what our clients have to say- check out our reviews on testimonials page.