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spiritual house cleansing


Spiritual House Cleansing is done to remove negative energies or unwanted spirits from your home or office using purified herbs.

As Psychics and Intuitive Clairvoyants we can also confirm and report on specific spirit activity going on in your home or office.  We can also tell you about past activities or events that occurred there.

A great time for a spiritual house cleansing is when you

  • move into a new home or office
  • want to clear negative energy from your living or working space
  • suspect spirit activity in your home or office and are curious as to who it may be and what their intentions are
  • after ending a relationship
  • spring cleaning
  • to start off the new year by clearing away the old and starting off with a clean slate of good energy

If you are looking for a way to lighten the mood this can really help to make a difference in the feel of your space and help remove that “black cloud” that seems to follow you! Negative energies have a habit of collecting in our spaces, which affects our lives.

PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual cleansing is not meant to replace any type of medical treatment. Please consult a medical doctor for any healthcare treatment.

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