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Our Psychic Medium has channeled a wealth of information from each of our Spirit Guides and we are excited to share all of this knowledge with you on the various topics below.

If you are looking to develop yourself spiritually and gain knowledge about the spiritual world, then you will not want to miss out on these classes. Each will provide you with valuable knowledge and insight to assist you on your spiritual journey.

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Class 1 - Understanding Past Lives

Is it déjà vu or a past life? Ever wonder if your soul has been here before? This class teaches you how your Past Lives may have led to the path that you are on now. You will also learn what happens to your soul when it leaves the physical body and crosses to the other side. We provide information about the importance of karma and the effects of your life's lessons.


“Tonight’s class on Past Lives was exceptional. So impressive. Interesting, fun, thought-provoking and what we, as a world, need right now, to learn something immensely bigger than ourselves; the reason to lift each other up instead of tear each other apart. We are an interconnected spirit. We should all be grateful. You ladies open people up while still making them feel at ease. Rare talent.”

“This class on Past Lives is truly AMAZING! If you are searching for answers about why you did something in your life or why a certain thing happened to you, these women are the ones to go to. All the classes presented by PTU have given me peace in my heart and soul. I truly have a better understanding of the Spirit world.”

Class 2 - Connect with your Spirit Guides

Did you know that each of us has Spirit Guides? Ever wonder where they came from and how they communicate with you? If you answered yes to these questions, then this class is for you. You will learn various techniques you can use to interact with your Guides. We will also explain the different types of Spirit Guides that are here to assist you throughout your life’s journey.


“This class was incredible and so unique! The information was all channeled by Spirit Guides. The buzz in the room was amazing and I will remember and use this information for the rest of my life. Joann is jaw dropping talented. She was even picking up people’s Spirit Guides during the class! I will attend all of the classes presented by these ladies.”

“Connect with your Spirit Guides class was awesome! I learned some really great information. The guided meditation presented by Cindy was so relaxing! You girls were great and the humor you bring to the class is so entertaining. Joann you have such honest insight and it is so wonderful to see you how the crowd is wowed by your ability.”

Class 3 - Mastering Manifestation

Have desires? Do you sometimes wonder why your intentions are not being answered? In this class, we will give you various tools to use to put your intentions out into the Universe. We will also encourage you to trust that at certain times the Universe simply knows best. This class will help you to better understand how timing plays an important role in when your manifestations will occur.


We attended this new class tonight and these women never disappoint!! They are humorous and very engaging with their classes but most of all... they give their whole hearts into it and ensure that your questions are answered. Their gift to you is priceless!

It was an awesome class and I learned so much! Now on to incorporating it into my life. You girls are the best!

Class 4 - Awaken Within

Would you like to develop your intuition but don’t know how? Ever wonder where your third eye is located and how it can be opened? This class will show you certain techniques to do just that. This class will also explore spirituality, a connection to something much bigger than ourselves.


This was a great class, empowering and enlightening. It made you really look within. These classes just keep getting better and better. Way to go girls!

Class 5 - Energy Shielding

Do you ever feel like you are surrounded by negative energy or people? Do you sometimes feel like you could use a coat of armor? This class offers useful tips on how to protect yourself and your home from negativity. You will learn how to shield your soul’s energy with various protections that have been used for centuries.

Class 6 - Explore Dreams and Numbers

Is it a dream or a premonition? Do your dreams give you messages? Did you ever wish you knew what they were? This class will answer all these questions. We will also explore why you might be seeing the same numbers over and over again. You will learn the spiritual meaning behind certain numbers.

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