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Let us teach you everything we have learned from channeling our Spirit Guides. These classes help you understand that there is so much more to your soul than just your physical body. You will understand the spirit world, how it works, and what happens when your soul leaves your physical body. We believe wholeheartedly in these messages and know that we can help to shed some light on spirituality, what it is, and how to advance so that you too can learn to trust your own Guides.

Our Spirit Guides want us to teach you, and hope that you will then pay it forward and teach others.

The messages from our Spirit Guides will teach you:

  • The important ways in which the Earth Plane and the Spiritual Plane go hand in hand
  • Tools and techniques to build your own spirituality and awaken your intuition
  • How to connect to your own Spirit Guides. Every one of you has a Guide!
  • Why your past lives are so significant, what they teach you, and how they affect you in this life
  • How to work with the Universe to manifest more of the things you want in your life
  • How to protect yourself and your home/business space from negativity

We find it best to take these classes in order as they build off one another. You get more and more from each class as you go along.

We have two additional classes that were also channeled by our Spirit Guides with lots of interesting information.

Check our calendar for class schedules and links to purchase tickets.

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Our services are for people to gain insight. Everyone, however, has the power of free will. For entertainment purposes only.