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Interpret Dreams and Numbers

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Do you have recurring dreams? Do you see numbers repeating constantly? Don’t ever take this for granted. It is beyond a doubt that this is all happening for a reason.

Let us take you on a journey to discover:

  • Do your dreams have important messages for you?
  • Are you having a dream or is it a premonition about something to come?
  • How do numbers impact your life? You are not going to believe it!
  • Are you seeing the same number over and over for a reason?

This class explores the spiritual meanings behind certain symbolic dreams and significant numbers. You will be amazed to learn how the Universe delivers unique messages to you in this way. Wait until you find out who they are coming from! It is so insightful to learn about your different sleep patterns and how they affect your dreams.


Great class ladies! I was surprised to learn about all the stages of sleep and what they are. Great to finally know some of the meanings of what I have been dreaming about. I have always seen 3 digit numbers which are the same and recurring numbers too. I now understand why and what they mean. As you ladies explained in this class, nothing is a coincidence and I understand now how your Spirit Guides and loved ones deliver messages through dreams and numbers.

As always, another excellent class this evening, thank you ladies! After attending your classes, it always leaves me anxiously awaiting the next. Time flies by and it’s never enough. So very intriguing, leaving one spiritually emotional with goosebumps. Looking forward to the next one. It doesn’t seem to matter how often you take these classes, you always seem to come away with something new.

I want to say that your class was way more than I ever expected. It was not only very well planned but it also provided a lot of information as well as messages and inspiration. I am truly looking forward to future classes. As for “Explore Dreams and Numbers,” I wouldn’t change a thing.

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