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The Significance of Past Lives

Past Lives class photo

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Is it déjà vu or a past life? Ever wonder if your soul has been here before? This class teaches you how your Past Lives may have led to the path that you are on now. You will also learn what happens to your soul when it leaves the physical body and crosses to the other side. We provide information about the importance of karma and the effects of your life's lessons.


“Tonight’s class on Past Lives was exceptional. So impressive. Interesting, fun, thought-provoking and what we, as a world, need right now, to learn something immensely bigger than ourselves; the reason to lift each other up instead of tear each other apart. We are an interconnected spirit. We should all be grateful. You ladies open people up while still making them feel at ease. Rare talent.”

“This class on Past Lives is truly AMAZING! If you are searching for answers about why you did something in your life or why a certain thing happened to you, these women are the ones to go to. All the classes presented by PTU have given me peace in my heart and soul. I truly have a better understanding of the Spirit world.”

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