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Chakras 101

Chakra Class Photo

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Important energy centers in your body called Chakras? Stones and other techniques used to heal and balance them? They can be Masculine or Feminine? Energy centers outside your body called Auras? Keeping them safe from negative energy? What does this all mean??

This very special class has a whirlwind of surprising information for everyone interested in energy healing. We'll delve deep into understanding your chakras and auras. With the aid of our Psychic Medium, we will help you to decipher which of your chakras might be unbalanced. We will then give you great tools to balance and protect them.

We will also present astonishing channeled information about your ZODIAC SIGN and how it is linked to your chakras!

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Our services are for people to gain insight. Everyone, however, has the power of free will. For entertainment purposes only.